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Gift Items Wholesale Market –  The Gifts Wholesaler “Big Daddy Store”

Do you run a Gift Shop ?? Are you a Reseller ??

If answer to the above question is yes! you have come to the right place. In todays blog we will be sharing what all you can source in wholesale from .

  1. Gift Items –  This is the first and most focused category that we follow, it wont be wrong if you say that the prime category we work on is Gift Items. and the clients we focus mainly are the Gift Galleries.  We basically source and sell Gifts those are not common. Its strange but we do not sell hot selling goods that are trending in Indian Market. Most of our Gift products are Unique in nature, those you wont find on regular gift shops. This makes us different, unlike other gift wholesalers we don’t want more than one customer in a small city and not more than two in a bigger city. We wish to maintain the uniqueness of our products. Once they become common the scope of margins are reduced just like other common products.
  2. Stationery – We sell stationery because it sells well on gift shops, when we say stationery it does not include common pens and pencil.  Again to repeat we only sell quirky stuff. If we have a pen it would be a BTS pen or Cactus pen, or a Bone pen. We have customers calling us and specifically mentioning that most of the stuff is impossible to find with there existing vendors in sadar bazar. That makes us proud and more confident in what we are doing but it is no reason for keeping unreasonable prices. We thrive on customers, just because our prices are decent you shop with us.
  3. Toys –  As you know the toys market has been unstable since last two years, so our focus on toys is a little less. There is no point selling something that becomes a reason to malign our image. Apart from selling products that are unique another advantage for you is the price.  So you might find a small variety of toys on the website, still whatever you find would be unique, quirky and at an attractive price.
  4. Household / kitchen – These goods include most of the goods that attracts women customers, things that help organise your lifestyle, daily needs and resolving the clutter. Mostly if you have men customers who are searching gifts(useful) for females, you must add on these products on your shop or website is a wholesale Gift items shop that your gift gallery needs, from Action figures to Indian and Imported Ceramic Mugs, From Plastic/Metal Chopsticks and everything else that is difficult to find in sadar bazar, abdul rehman street or Crawford market. We are direct importers of Gifts, stationery, toys, household/kitchen stuff hence our prices are rock bottom with the perfect quality.

More than 99% of our customers are happy with our services and by our collection, and sometimes like every business we also have customers are not happy, in such cases we try to figure out a resolution. Instead of hiding i would like to expose our platform. Few months ago we received a WhatsApp, saying our platform is a scam. I was surprised, so instead of passing the case to the customer service team, i decided to handle it myself. i requested the customers to elaborate what went wrong, As per him we had sent him all wrong product, worth Rs 20 and sold him for 200. Is it even possible??  Still to resolve i offered him a money back as one bad fish make the all pond sick.  Although he still didn’t agreed but this is how we deal. We would always try to make you happy. and if we fail to do it, we would apologise.

What we expect from the customers is whenever you buy from anywhere, please be vigilant and alert. Sometimes ignoring the tittles or descriptions leads to wrong purchase. and being an wholesale platform we do not provide retail services like exchanges/returns/color choices etc. Still if one has doubts or requests, can be put forward before making an transaction.

Most of the rules that applies for an wholesale purchase from anywhere else, applies to us too. Its just that we tried to make an easier shop from home platform due to the pandemic and our location.

I hope you liked the stuff and also the article, i wish for your health, wealth and prosperity .

Keep shopping.

Harshit Gupta  (91- 7498-690-267)

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