How to earn money by buying products from

How to earn money by buying products from Wholesale

We at ensure that you get products at a net price that can be sold after adding a seller’s margin.

For example, we sometimes share the shipping costs for the shipments that costs higher like in north east . Most of the couriers charge high price for the north east couriers, which we find is not feasible for the shopkeeper or the reseller, in such cases we reduce share the burden of the shipping cost.

When you buy from us, you not only earn by selling the products, you also earn extra money in your purchase, as our prices are even cheaper than that of sadar bazar of delhi and abdul rehman street of mumbai.

When you save money in the purchase it becomes a part of your profit.

Why/how our prices are cheaper than most of the wholesale shops?

We ship our products from Dehradun, although its a capital of a state, but still Dehradun is never considered a wholesale stop. To gain your trust and a healthy relationship we need to keep our prices low, we import most of our stuff directly from China and Indian Stuff directly from factories, which helps us maintain the pricing.

Sometimes to maintain the variety we sometimes might sell some products that have been sourced locally, which would never be more than 5% of the variety.  Here we have got a request from the buyers, that please do not judge our store by prices of few products. We try to keep our prices lower than the market, but sometimes various factors like quality of the product, source of the product or breakage/packaging, freight causes inflation in the cost. Since the products on the websites are displayed category wise, we do not hide of display products according to the source or prices.

Here we also have got an assurance for you, we wont sell products in Retail, the website does not allow orders below 10,000. which helps us segregate retail consumers and sellers.  Retail consumers generally don’t trust new and unknown websites and placing a order of 10,000 becomes a hurdle, this is the reason the limit has been set .

Although the website can be accessed by anyone, but it cannot be searched in google by retails keywords, our keywords are only focused for the shopkeepers who are searching a wholesale store.